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Introduction to Digital Rights Management - DRM

Introduction to Digital Rights Management - DRM Book

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  DRM Digital Object Identifier - DOI

A digital object identifier is a unique number that can be used to identify any type or portion of content. DOI numbers perform for long term (persistent) and locatable (actionable) identification information for specific content or elements of content. This content can be in the form of bar codes (price codes), book or magazine identification numbers or software programs. The DOI system is managed by the International DOI foundation (IDF) that was established in 1998. More information about DOI numbering can be found at www.DOI.org.

DOI numbers point to a DOI directory that is linked to specific information about a particular object or its information elements. The use of a DOI directory as a locating mechanism allows for the redirecting of information about identification information as changes occur in its identifying characteristics. For example, a book identification number may belong to the original publisher until the copyright of the work is sold to another publisher. At this time, the owners of the item content changes. The item number on the book can remain the same while the publisher information can change. Once a DOI is created, it is considered permanent and is not deleted.

The numbering structure (syntax) for a DOI includes a directory and owner part (prefix) and unique item identification number (suffix). The prefix allows the DOI directory to redirect (DOI resolution) identification information to the owner or controller of the identifiable item. This redirection may be to a URL web link.

While it is important that there be only one DOI assigned per content object, a single object may have different types of identification numbers assigned to it. For example, a book can have a DOI, international standard book number (ISBN) and a manufacturers product number assigned to it.

Figure 1.11 shows digital object identifier (DOI) structure. This example shows that a DOI number is composed of a prefix that is assigned by the registration agency (RA) of the international DOI foundation and suffix that is assigned by the publisher of the content. This example shows that the first part of the prefix identifies the DOI directory that will be used and the second part identifies the publisher of the content.

Table that describes copyright, patents, trademark, and trade secrects

Direct Object Identifier Diagram

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   Digital Rights Management - DRM Books

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Introduction to Digital Rights Management - DRM

Digital rights management systems identify, track, authorize and restrict access to digital media. You will learn how DRM systems help to protect and enforce copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other forms of intellectual property. Discover how to uniquely identify digital media and how to monitor and track the usage of digital media.

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